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 Hi, My name is Sunil Kumar. I am founder and author of HindiTrek blog. I am a full time blogger and trader by profession and apart from that I am certified insurance agent. At this blog, you will find valuable information pertaining to insurance, banking, stock market and wealth creation. My goal is to spread awareness about these topics and guide you choose best path so you can live a wealthy life.

I have been in insurance profession since 2015 and I understand it quite well. I believe everyone should have an insurance policy but as an insurance agent I know most of us don’t buy it. Therefore, I decided to launch a blog where I will be educating people about the importance of insurance.

The sole purpose of this blog is to aware each and every person about insurance, banking, and stock market. Also, I provide tips and tricks and importance information pertaining mentioned topics in Hindi.

There are very less resources out there who aware people about insurance in Hindi. I took this initiative to explain Insurance in Hindi in detail. Here you will not find half written information. Whatever you will find here will be in detail and accurate.

I believe that you will find worth reading information on this blog that you would use to aware others. In India, most of the people don’t buy insurance because they thing it’s not important. But it’s not true. Insurance plays an important role in our lives.

If you want to know more about me then feel free to contact me using our contact us form.